• Overview
  • Setup
  • Workflow
  • Reports
Streamline field service by eliminating paper from workorder process
  1. Setup workorders

  2. Assign to teams

  3. Notify stakeholders via emails, phones

  4. Update and track status from smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops

  5. Capture proof of completion

  6. Generate reports

  7. Role based access

  1. Add users. Assign them different roles

  2. Turn on 'auto-notify' to automatically notify stakeholders on status change

  3. By default, manage workorders for random services like maintenance

  4. Turn on 'Product based workorders' to manage workorders about specific products (eg. installation of company product xyz)

  5. Setup 1 or more products if 'Product based workorders' turned on

  6. By default, payments/invoices are not tracked for workorders. To track these, turn on 'Track payments and invoices'

  7. Setup labor rate by business, product or team if payments/invoices turned on

  1. Mobile, Laptop: Create workorder. Enter customer info. Specify tasks

  2. Mobile, Laptop: Schedule workorder. Assign it to a team. Add a list of materials to be used for the workorder

  3. Mobile, Laptop: Change status to 'In progress' as work starts

  4. Mobile, Laptop: Upon finish, update status of each task and actual quantity used for each material

  5. Tabulate charges if 'Track payment, invoices' is enabled

  6. Attach docs to the workorder at any stage

  7. Mobile, Laptop: Submit pics from camera as proof of completion

  8. Search workorders based on various criteria

  1. Run periodic reports on workorders completed by teams, products

  2. Generate exception reports for workorders not completed within a certain time