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Smart Campaign
Virally run a text, media, poll, survey or webpage based campaign by enabling users to spread by
  1. Posting to their profiles on social networks like Facebook and Twitter

  2. Forwarding via SMS to any phone

  3. Forwarding via Email

  1. Choose the type of campaign - Simple text, Media, Poll, Survey or Mobile webpage

  2. Enter basic info

  3. For polls, surveys, optionally add rewards

  4. Select one or more distribution channels like SMS and Facebook

  1. Edit campaign info. Enable, disable campaigns as required

  2. View reports on clicks, views by distribution channels

  1. Activate subscription. Campaign monthly subscription cost: $29.99/campaign/month

  2. Monthly subscription covers campaign creation, hosting and sharing with 1 person at a time

  3. Additional charges apply for group sms/email

  1. Grab script to embed campaign as a banner on any website

  2. Share 1x1 via SMS, Email, Facebook or Twitter. Recipients can in turn share the with their friends

  3. Push to a group of phones, emails (Additional charges apply)