• Overview
  • App setup
  • Native, browser-based
  • Content provisioning
  • Widgets
  • Custom
  • App-store submission
  • Usage statistics
  • Pricing
Create native and browser based mobile apps in the cloud, for any device

  1. Developers
    • Setup apps in minutes
    • Customize to your heart's content
    • Preview
    • Download code

  2. Business users
    • Create 'ready to deploy' apps in minutes
    • Request submission to any app store

App Setup
  1. Enter title, logo, theme and background

  2. Select 1 or more widgets

  3. Customize title and icons

  4. Preview

Native, browser-based
  1. For mobile browser access, if you want the code to run on any mobile browser (HTML, XHTML, CHTML, WML) and default UI/workflow works for you, grab default url and point your mobile domain to it

  2. For native access or customized browser UI/workflow, click 'Generate code'
    • Choose native, hybrid or browser
    • Native apps install as native apps and include both business logic and data. They use web-services to fetch data from widgets
    • Hybrid apps install as native apps but call browser app under the cover
    • For browser apps, whose code is generated and edited by developers, we currently support HTML browsers only
    • Customize and download code. Optionally download our client for native, hyprid apps. Follow "Next steps"

Content provisioning
  1. Once basic app is setup, click on 'Manage content'

  2. Select each widget in navigation pane and provision content for it

  1. The widgets available out-of-the-box are: About us, Contact us, Locations, Catalog, Products, Coupons, Specials, Pictures, News, Menu, Customers, Partners, Survey, Suggestion box, Guest book, Groups/Forums/Blogs/Polls, Feeds, Contests, Technology, Hyperlinks widget to integrate with 3rd party websites and widgets for SOAP or REST based custom workflows

  2. If you dont see exact match in the list, find the clostest one and tweak it to meet your requirements

  3. New widgets are being added each month

You can also setup custom widgets, with custom workflows as part of the app. There are 2 options

  • For SOAP based workflow,
    1. While setting up app, add Workflow(SOAP) widget from Custom category

    2. Click on 'Manage Content' and select the widget

    3. Add SOAP webservices

    4. Use visual builder to create workflow by adding nodes, creating connections, setting properties and linking to webservice operations

    5. Thats it...Mobile browser and native apps will automatically generate workflow

    6. Click on 'Generate code' and customize workflow as required

  • For REST based workflow,
    1. Implement a REST API to extend your backend

    2. While setting up app, add 1 or more custom widgets from Custom category

    3. Click on 'Manage Content' and select custom widget

    4. Add REST API resources that you have implemented

    5. Describe attributes and methods available in the resource. Resource should have GET For listing record(s), POST for adding, PUT for update and DELETE for deletion

    6. Thats it...Mobile browser and native apps will automatically generate workflow

    7. Click on 'Generate code' and customize workflow as required

App store submission
  1. Submit app to app-store yourself or

  2. Request subsmission to 1 or more stores

  3. Additional charges apply if you ask us to submit the app

Usage statistics
  1. Choose a time period and view statistics like visits, unique visitors for app, widgets

  1. A valid subscription is needed to access widget content via app

  2. Cloud App Subscription costs $ 99.0 / month.

  3. Optionally, if you download our Client for native, semi-connected apps, Client Subscription and Support is $ 2500.0 / year

  4. Subscription can be renewed, cancelled via 'Manage subscription'

  5. Additional charges apply if you want us to submit app to app-stores instead of submitting it yourself