Frequently Asked Questions

Q) What does Smart App do?
A) Smart App allows business users as well as developers to create mobile apps in the cloud in minutes, without writing any code.

Q) What type of apps can be developed by using Smart App?
A) Smart App can be used for browser based as well as native apps. The native apps can run in connected as well as semi-connected environment.

Q) On which devices do these apps run?
A) Browser based apps can run on any device with a browser. They support wml, chtml, xhtml and html based browsers.
Native apps can run on iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Android, Palm WebOS, Blackberry, Symbian and Windows Mobile.

Q) How do I create an app?
A) Click on 'Create app' to launch the app creation wizard. Follow the steps, select 1 or more widgets and customize the app. After exiting the wizard, click on 'Manage content' and provision content in the widgets.
Click on 'Manage subscription' and setup a monthly subscription for hosting. Your app is ready to use. Preview it by grabbing the url and viewing in a browser.
If needed, click 'Generate code' to generate, customize, preview and download code.

Q) What type of widgets are currently available for the apps?
A) The widgets available out-of-the-box are: About us, Contact us, Locations, Catalog, Products, Coupons, Specials, Pictures, News, Menu, Customers, Partners, Survey, Suggestion box, Guest book, Groups/Forums/Blogs/Polls, Feeds, Contests, Technology, Hyperlinks widget to integrate with 3rd party websites and widgets for creating custom workflows based on REST or SOAP webservices
New widgets are being added every month.

Q) How can I create custom widgets and workflows?
A) Developers can create custom workflows from REST or SOAP webservices.
For SOAP based workflow, select Workflow(SOAP) widget from Custom category, click on 'Manage Content', select the widget and add the webservices, use visual builder to create workflow via drag and drop.
For REST based workflow, add Custom(REST) widget from Custom category. Click on 'Manage Content' and select custom widget. Add REST API resources that you have implemented. Describe attributes and methods available in the resource. Resource should have GET For listing record(s), POST for adding, PUT for update and DELETE for deletion.
Thats it...Mobile browser and native apps will automatically generate workflow.Click on 'Generate code' and customize workflow as required.

Q) How much does the app subscription cost?
A) The basic Cloud App Subscription costs $ 99.0/ month.
If you download our Client, Client Subscription and Support is $ 2500.0/ year.

Q) How do I deploy a browser based app?
A) Click on 'Grab url' and copy the app url. Just point your mobile domain to this app url.

Q) How do I submit the native app to the app stores?
A) Users can download native code and submit apps to the app stores themselves. If you want us to submit the app, click on 'Request app store submission' and fill out the form. Additional charges will apply for the submission.

Q) What type of usage statistics are available for the apps?
A) You can view visits and unique visitors for the app landing page as well as various widgets, for a given duration.