• Overview
  • Inspection setup
  • Inspection execution
  • User administration
  • Reporting
Smartphone, tablet support
Custom checklists
Offline audits
Pause and restart
Pics from camera or photo library
View locations on maps
Export data to excel
Dynamic reports
Custom report templates
Role based access
Integration with workorders
Unique solution that enables auditors to perform inspections from iPhone/iPad, Blackberry, Android smartphones and tablets
  1. Create custom checklists

  2. Perform offline inspections

  3. Attach pictures

  4. View reports

  5. Integrated with workorders

  1. Create 1 or more locations

  2. Add 1 or more items for each location that need to be inspected

  3. Setup 1 or more inspections
    • Choose type. Inspection results can be tracked as scores, ratings or simply percentage of responses (Default)
    • Add questions and choices for each question
    • Choices can be manually defined or automatically generated for questions based on pre-defined range. If you want to generate choices automatically, set Choice type=Range based while setting up an inspection.This can be useful when say you want to rate an item from 1 to 5.

  4. Setup auto-notification rules for an inspection. When an inspection is performed and a response matches a defined rule, an email is automatically sent to the administrator

  1. Download 'Smart Inspection' app from the app-store and launch it on the smartphone

  2. Login with email/password provided by your administrator

  3. User must sync checklists, items, locations at least once before running an inspection

  4. Inspection runs offline against downloaded checklists and items. If desired item or checklist is not available, please download it first via sync

  5. Click on Inspection button to start an inspection
    • Select inspection, location, item
    • Respond to each question
    • Optionally add comments, pics on each question

  6. Submissions are automatically synced when app is running and network is available

  1. Before performing inspection, setup users

  2. Assign a group to the user (Administration, Manager, User, Other)

  3. Provide email, password to the user. It will be used for login

  1. Run report against all inspections or optionally select an inspection for which a report is needed

  2. Optionally specify location or item. You can also run the inspection against all locations, items

  3. Select a date range between which the responses will be searched

  4. In the aggregate report, click on Details to drill down on each inspection response